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Stevenson House Mourns A Tragic Loss

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Sadly, last week Stevenson House suffered the suicide of one of our elderly residents.  Out of this tragedy one truth clearly emerges:  Stevenson House needs and calls out for a professional presence to be available to our residents who are struggling with despondency, loss, isolation, fear–or who simply need to know that a caring professional is here and is available.

Could we have known?  Did we miss clues that now seem all too obvious?  Would intervention have made any difference?  I wish to answer yes to all these questions yet accept that there is probably no definitive answer.

My hope is that with your help Stevenson House will be able to find the necessary funding for a caring professional to become part of our team.  I look to you, our concerned readers and supporters, to help Stevenson House and to help our most vulnerable elderly residents.  Please contact me if you can join me in this effort.

Thomas M. Pamilla, MSW
Executive Director
(650) 494-1944, ext. 12