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What are the qualifications for residency at Stevenson House?

  • The minimum age for admission is 62 years of age.
  • Applicants must be able to take care of themselves and maintain their apartment.
  • Applicants must be willing to comply with the terms of the lease, whether independent, with the assistance of a third party (paid by applicant), or as a result of a reasonable accommodation provided by the facility.
  • Applicants must show proof of financial responsibility.

Does Stevenson House offer a meal program?

Full dinners are served Monday through Friday in our lovely dining room. Two full menu options are planned to meet nutritional and preferential needs of our residents. Meal participation is mandatory for most residents; special diets are available. The monthly cost of $159 per resident is added to the rent. There is also an optional weekday lunch program available at a cost of $25 for 11 lunches or at a cost of $3.00 per day. On Fridays during the winter months residents may purchase soup prepared by our chef at a cost of $1.50/pint.

Income Requirements

  • Minimum: Stevenson House cost for rent and meals must not exceed 65% of the applicant’s current income (unless receiving Section 8 assistance).
  • Maximum/Section 202 Units: Income for one person cannot exceed $52,550; income for a couple cannot exceed $60,050.
  • Maximum/Section 8 Units: Income for one person cannot exceed $35,500; income for a couple cannot exceed $40,550.

Does Stevenson House offer care coordination?

We make every effort to help residents maintain their independence and remain at Stevenson House as long as possible. Assistance is offered and frequently provided in the areas of needs assessment, home visits, as well as application preparation for extraordinary services when and if they become necessary.

How do I apply to Stevenson House?

Interested applicants must visit Stevenson House in person to see the facility. This insures the housing and service meet the applicant’s needs. Families are encouraged to join the applicant for this visit. Please call Ofelia Topete, Resident Services Assistant, at (650) 494-1944 ext. 20 to schedule a tour. The tour and informational interview will take about one hour. Following the tour, applicants are given a pre-application packet.

When Stevenson House receives a pre-application the applicant’s name is placed on the Waiting List. When an applicant’s name nears the top of the Waiting List, he/she is contacted and asked to complete a Final Application Packet. Following successful completion of the Final Application Packet, the Resident Services Staff will meet with the applicant regarding a specific apartment availability, the lease, and move-in details.

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