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Questions & Answers

Attached are copies of the Q&A’s from the most recent three Resident Meetings and Newsletters. As well, we have included several pertinent Q&A’s listed below for immediate review.To Download These Questions in English, Cantonese, or Russian Please Use One of the Links at the Bottom of the Page.

Questions & Answers

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November 2014: English Chinese Russian

October 2014: English Chinese Russian

October – November 2014: English Chinese Russian

What is the amount to be paid to HUD 202?
Stevenson House has an existing loan from the HUD 202 program that will be repaid as part of the new plan. The current loan outstanding is $133,000 and is being repaid slowly over time. By the time the final payment is made, we anticipate the remaining amount due will be approximately $103,000.
I am worried that I am too frail to be temporarily relocated during the renovation.
It is our goal to minimize the disruption to resident’s lives during the renovation. Stevenson House and its consultants will work closely with each resident to design a customized plan that will accommodate each resident’s individual needs and requirements.

Why are our units being rehabilitated? Will I have to move out of my unit for the project?
The property is over 45 years old and certain upgrades and improvements need to be made to provide you with better housing to meet your needs.All residents will need to completely vacate their unit for a safe and efficient rehab of their unit and units around them.You will receive further information regarding the specific plan for the rehab of your unit and the units around you.

How will I learn more about my options, the move and have my personal questions about the relocation answered?
OPC, a professional relocation firm has been hired to develop the relocation program, manage the program and work individually with all residents throughout the relocation process.OPC will be scheduling appointments with all residents in April to explain the relocation program, answer initial questions and schedule a follow up meeting if needed.At this first appointment, OPC will also present a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to you. You will select your temporary housing option and provide OPC with a listing of any special needs that you have that should be accounted for.

Where will I live during the rehab if I have to move out of my unit?
Most residents will need to be temporarily housed off the property. Options that are being considered are other apartments and efficiency hotels within five miles of the property. An alternative option that will be available to you is to reside with a friend or family member (we call this the friends and family option).

Will I have to pay the cost for my temporary housing?
No. All costs associated with off-site temporary housing will be paid for by the project. If you elect to do the friends and family option, the project will provide you with compensation.

Who will move my furnishings and other household goods from my unit for the rehab?
The project will be hiring a professional moving company who is licensed, bonded and insured to provide moving services to all residents. The movers will pack, move, store and move all of your goods. If you need assistance taking essential items such as clothing and medical items to your temporary housing accommodations, that assistance will also be provided to you. Please do not purchase any boxes, tape or packing materials. All material will be provided by the movers. If requested you will be provided some advanced packing materials.

How long will I need to be out of my unit?
You may be out of your unit for four to six weeks; however, construction projects can experience delays. We will provide you with more accurate timeframe once the schedule solidifies and will provide you with updates prior to your move and during the move as changes occur, if any.

How will I learn about when I will need to temporarily vacate my unit?
You will receive a 90 Day Informational Notice at least 90 days prior to your scheduled move. This notice will be followed up with a 30 Day Notice to Vacate 30 days prior to your move. A week prior to your move you will receive a 7 Day Notice to vacate, which will contain the location of your temporary housing and move date. You will also receive a moving preparation guide.If you would like these notices delivered to a family member or other party that will be assisting you during the relocation please let OPC know to make those arrangements.OPC will also be making personal visits to speak with you prior to your move and will be available by phone and email to answer any questions you may have.

Where will I receive my mail?
Mail will continue to be delivered to Stevenson House and you may also forward your mail to your temporary address if you wish.

Do I need to turn off my utilities?
No. Please leave your utilities on. You may be able to have services suspended by contacting your service providers.

What about my pets? Can they come with me?
Arrangements will be made to secure pet friendly temporary housing for pets including cats, dogs, fish and birds. Please let OPC know what types of pets you have, how many you have, their weights and whether they have been spay or neutered during your interview.Persons with multiple dogs and cats may need to arrange for a friend or family member to take care of one or more of the pets as some properties do have restrictions on multiple dogs and cats or total weights of these types of pets. If you have a neighbor on the property who can accommodate your pets in their home while your unit is being rehabbed that is permitted and maybe a great option for your pet(s).You will need to arrange for transportation of your pets or boarding (if necessary). If you will incur out of pocket cost associated with transportation or boarding please let OPC know as soon as possible so they can get approval of those costs and work with you to prepare an advanced claim to limit your out of pocket expenses.

What about my plants and flowers?
You may take them with you to temporary housing, however, it may be beneficial to move them to a location other than your temporary housing. It is advised that you make arrangements with a friend, family member or neighbor to take care of any live plants or flowers for you at their home. The movers will not store plants and they cannot be left in the unit. If you need assistance with plants and flowers please let OPC know.

How can I prepare myself to meet with OPC and discuss my relocation needs?
We recommend first making a list of any questions, concerns and special needs you have related to your relocation. It may be helpful to talk about your list with your family or a friend to help you finalize your list. Once you have your list put it in a place easy to locate prior to your meeting and review to think through if anything is missing that you may want to ask or share with OPC.

How do I access information on the renovation program?
You can go to the Stevenson House website and click on the Renovation tab at the top of the page or stop by the Resident Services office to review the Stevenson House Renovation Binder, with information gathered from recent Resident meetings, current unit plans, and overall schedule.

Who should I contact with questions or to schedule a meeting?
Contact John Morris at OPC at 510.638.3081 or for relocation questions or to schedule a meeting.

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