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Renovation Plan

SH_57_7055Stevenson House has been faithfully serving the community for 45 years. But the truth is, the three buildings, which we occupy, are starting to show their age. For one thing, knowledge of earthquake safety and how to withstand a substantial temblor have improved remarkably during this time. Also, we are now much better at creating living spaces specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors. Furthermore, systems, such as plumbing and heating are starting to need ever more frequent repairs. Because of this, and other reasons, Stevenson House is considering a major renovation.

A committee, led by Board president Phyllis Cassel, has retained the services of the Related Company. Related has many years of experience in developing and renovating affordable housing. They offer assistance in needs assessment, procuring financing and ultimately, construction. When we wonder, “What needs to be done, how will we pay for it, how do we minimize the impact on our tenants, etc. etc.?” Related will help us find the answers.
The process is moving forward and the project itself is taking shape together with appropriate funding options. Construction is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2014, and last for approximately 14 months. As time passes, we will be updating the community on what is happening.

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