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Grace Li Babian

Grace Li Babian has more than 20 years software/manager experience. Worked at Computer manufacturer, Semiconductor industry and Satellite Telecommunication company. After being retired for 5 years, she returned back to workforce and is now serving as part time HR director. Mrs. Babian has M.S. In Computer Science and B.S. in Applied Mathematics. She has a passion to teach and has been teaching ever since she was 17 years old.

Some of her volunteer work: Volunteer for a family crisis center as a hotline counselor. Served as Board Director in her condo complex home association. Served in United Way as a member of cost evaluation committee for all the groups in the organization. Volunteered in Menlo Park Library project read. Volunteer tutor for new immigrant students. Chairperson in the Young Professional Fellowship for 5 years. School PTA treasurer and different functions lead. School Noon Science Enrichment Program Chair and Fundraising Chair. Teaching in Chinese School and Elementary School World Language program. Taught senior new immigrants Citizenship in community center.

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